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End of Inventory Celebration

Yesterday, the library employees and staff enjoyed an “End of Inventory” celebration! 
Congratulations to the library faculty, technicians, staff, and student assistants on the completion of the massive library weeding and inventory project! This monumental effort took two years to complete and involved librarians weeding the entire collection; technicians deleting, repairing, and replacing items; and everyone, including library assistants and student workers scanning each individual volume into the library system! Thank you to all those mentioned and to the college faculty that assisted in evaluating materials. We appreciate everyone’s help in streamlining the library collection!

Broadway at Bucks

Make sure to stop by the first floor of the library and see our “Broadway at Bucks” display. We want to thank our student workers Katie and Tori for putting this fun display together.

Travel Writing with Margaret Montet!


Charm Bracelet

The Charms of Travel Writing @ Newtown campus, Tuesday, August 6, from 6:30pm-8:30pm, Margaret Montet, M.M.  Continuing Education Course Code Number:  RCEGN 6976 C01

Whether you are thinking of preparing a travel narrative for publication or you just want to preserve your travel memories creatively, this workshop is for you! Travel experiences don’t happen linearly, so why try to record them that way? (“This happened, and then this, and then this…” Blah!) Compelling travel narratives contain anecdotes, personal remembrances, encounters with culture, and conversations: these are the charms! In this workshop, we will consider some examples of fine literary travel writing and then try our hands at creating our own narratives. Bring a favorite travel photo along (on your phone is easiest) for one of our prompts, and a good pen or pencil.

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