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SILENT BOOK CLUB: Mark your calendar now for this unique new event…on Thursday, March 9, from 4:00-6:00, interested readers will meet in the Library’s CoLab 1 (L310) on the third floor for two hours of leisure reading. Silent Book Clubs are gaining in popularity across the country and beyond because readers crave uninterrupted reading without distractions. Read about the creators of these events at their website https://silentbook.club/ or follow them on Facebook. Bring a friend and bring your favorite beverage as we won’t be serving refreshments. This is all about the enjoyment of reading! Afterwards, you’ll be hungry, so why not invite some fellow readers for a Dutch treat dinner at a local restaurant to chat about your books?


If you are not currently engrossed in a book, why not check out the Books Across Bucks shelves placed strategically across our three physical campuses? Take a Book/Leave a Book is the idea for these. The books are free and you are sure to find inspiration. Shelf locations include Grupp Lobby, Gateway Lobby, Gateway 1st Floor, Rollins 1st Floor, Rollins 2nd Floor (near the Book Store), M&M Lobby, Hicks Art Lobby, Founders Lobby, LBC Lobby, and the UBC Common Area (next to the Lobby). If you have questions: Margaret.Montet@bucks.edu

Der Leser. Honoré Daumier [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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