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Faculty Feedback for Flexible Spaces

The new renovation of the Library includes the creation of two rooms equipped with flexible furniture and presentation tools. The rooms contain different furniture to accommodate a variety of student and faculty needs.


In CoLab 1, the tables, chairs, presentation podium, and a white board have wheels. The table design, like a tripod with a funky wave to the sides, permits various table groupings and configurations. There is a cheat sheet in the room to guide users in setting up the tables to meet their needs. Debra Niehoff, Psychology faculty member, utilized the ability to connect the tables in a large semi-circle to facilitate a poster session, “The room was FANTASTIC! Instead of trying to squeeze between chairs or balance poster boards on the narrow desks in one of the Penn Hall classrooms, we could spread out, circulate freely, and see all of the presentations without a problem.”  (D. Niehoff pers. comm.) After her first experience with the space, she conducted other classroom activities such as gameboard sharing and role playing activities. Each use of the space, though unique, could be accommodate with the flexible furniture. To reserve the space, go to: http://www.bucks.edu/academics/learn/library/about/forms/colab1/


The CoLab 2 room also includes flexible furniture, but each piece of furniture is a chair with a desk arm that rotates 180 degrees. The rotation allows students to group together desk arms to form a group table. Or, students can wheel around the room to form different groups. The space may also be used in conjunction with iPads. A Business Studies faculty member, Greg Luce, completed an activity in the space requiring students to research information on the iPads and then work in a group to communicate their findings. “hat a great, flexible space.  I wish I could hold all of my classes in there, all of the time.  The students loved it and it worked really well for moving from class to small group discussions and activities. I look forward to visiting again…soon.” (G. Luce pers. comm.) The furniture, space, and iPads intrigue the students and facilitate learning objectives. To reserve the space and iPads, go to: http://www.bucks.edu/academics/learn/library/about/forms/colab2/


Want to see the spaces? Stop by the Newtown Library! Both spaces are on the top floor of the library. Ask Jackie Fritz or Linda McCann if you have questions or if you would like more information. 

Author: jackieburger

I am a Learning Technologies Librarian at Bucks County Community College. I am interested in enhancing curriculum with tech in order to engage today's students while preparing them for tomorrow's higher education and industry demands.

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