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Week Four – Tips from the Virtual Campus

Tips for Quizzes/Exams

  • If you make changes to a question or answer, be sure to Update Question.
  • Make sure your quiz properties (availability dates, security settings, etc.)  are set correctly in the Quiz Options panel.
  • Looking for the Lockdown Browser setting?  Click on Restrict this Quiz in the Quiz Options panel.
  • If you make any changes to questions, answers, question groups, or quiz properties, be sure to Save Settings and re-Publish Quiz. (See 1 and 3).  Also, decide if you want users notified of the changes or not by selecting/deselecting that option (See checkbox).


  • Check your quizzes to ensure the questions (especially those which include images) are displaying correctly.
  • You can check your quiz  one of two ways:
    • Preview the quiz (#2 above) – start the preview after you have made any changes, or
    • Take the quiz in student view.
  • If you have a student who needs more time and/or an extra attempt on a quiz, you can modify the quiz.

Summer Course Tips – Yup, Summer already!

  • If you have been assigned a summer course, submit your Course Format to your Department ASAP.  Students have been briskly searching Webadvisor for summer courses for over two weeks!
  • If you intend to use Canvas to supplement a face-to-face course(s), request space(s) by following these directions.

Any questions – contact the Virtual Campus office at 215-968-8052 or learning@bucks.edu.

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