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Week Four – Tips from the Tutoring Center

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Please remind your students to start planning now for midterms!

  • The Tutoring Center offers tutoring for 22 different subjects through face-to-face appointments, drop in hours, and online tutoring sessions.
  • Schedules for each subject can be found at www.bucks.edu/tutor.
  • The Center also offers Study Groups for Spanish, French, and Italian, as well as Conversation Groups for Spanish, French, Italian, and American English as a Second Language (AESL).
  • Online tutoring options are available: real-time appointments for math and writing, reading, study skills, and AESL, as well as drop-in times for quick writing questions.  Details are available at the Tutoring Center website or the myBucks.


Classroom Workshops Available

The Tutoring Center now partners with instructors to offer workshops within the classroom for writing and math related concepts.  If you would like one of our staff to work with your students on citation, paraphrasing, grammar, any writing-related skill, fractions, preparing for math tests, etc., please contact us at (215) 968-8044.

What Helps Us

As always, any information from you about take-home tests or quizzes is very useful for the tutors.  If you give a practice test for math, accounting, physics, astronomy, engineering, chemistry, or biology, please remind students to bring the answers or notify Josh Carmichael, Assistant Director of the Math Area, that we have permission to assist students.   If you have assignments you’d like to share with us to keep on file, please visit our Faculty Resources page on the website to submit your assignment.

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