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Digital Media Literacy

Take one part traditional reading and writing literacyskills, one part computer literacy skills, blend, and you have the core skill set to become digital media literate. This skill set is applied to usage offormats that facilitate participatory culture. This includes activities such as writing a blog post or creating a video mashup and sharing it on YouTube. Our students frequently partake in these activities in a non academic setting. The workplace, higher education, and the publishing industry increasingly utilize these new forms of communication. How can you prepare your students to use these tools effectively? To explore this topic and develop answers to that question, consider meeting with Jackie Fritz (fritzja@bucks.edu, x8056) or Paul Proces (procesp@bucks.edu, x8711) to discuss assignment options and digital media literacy sessions for your students. Also, look for announcements regarding a call for applications to the Digital Media Literacy Institute. 

Author: jackieburger

I am a Learning Technologies Librarian at Bucks County Community College. I am interested in enhancing curriculum with tech in order to engage today's students while preparing them for tomorrow's higher education and industry demands.

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