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Calling All Faculty and Staff Detectives!

For all Bucks faculty and staff:

Yikes! There has been a murder in the library! You may never have heard of him (he keeps a low profile), but Professor Fogey Oldschool was found murdered early in the morning on In-Service Day. The local constables need your help solving the case. There are clues to be found in various places in the newly-renovated Library: at the Reference Desk, at the Big Service Desk (on the Learning Commons level), in the Tutoring Center, in MInDSpace, and in Online Learning. You can get a Detective Worksheet at the Reference Desk inside the main floor entrance, and this will guide you to the clue locations. We have a scenario and suspect profiles for you, too. Write your solution to the mystery on the back, and submit it to the staff at the Big Service Desk. We’ll pick the most creative solution (that also shows you’ve visited each location), on October 5 and award the winning amateur detective a stunning piece of hand-blown glass art.

(Photo: Alex Seeker, UTS Library.  Murder Mystery.  January 2, 1970.  Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/utslibrary/5475193364/.)

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