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Think Before You Ink!

Look around the next time you’re in the Learning Commons area of the Library (where all the computers are).  Watch the amount of paper that’s coming out of the printers and then start multiplying that by hours, days, months…  Can you hear the trees falling in the forest?  We all need to print stuff–our papers, our research, the professors’ presentations–but think before you ink.

  • Are you sure you’re ready?  If you’re writing a paper, proof read before you print so you catch typos and other errors and don’t have to print more than once.
  • Do you really need all that?  You can control how many and which pages of a document, presentation, or website get printed.  You can also just print a selection of text from a page. Pay attention to how long a web page is, and if you only need a portion of it just print that portion.
  • Did you know you can control how many Powerpoint slides get printed on one page?  If you print nine slides per page instead of one that saves eight sheets of paper for every nine slides!

If you’re in the Library and have questions about how to do any of these things, ask at the Technology Learning Center (TLC) help desk and they’ll be happy to help you save some trees.

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